Challenge MP4 Video

PIB11: MP4 Download Version

1 Movie = "MP4" 3 Files / Total 1.77GB (1.77GB)

If get direct download from this page by Smart Phone, this video cannot move.
"WMV" cannot move on Smart Phone.


1. Smart Phone battery charge until full.
2. Download ZIP file by PC. (Do not by Smart Phone.)
3. Expand ZIP file on "Download" folder.
4. Transfer "PIB11_1h53m20s_MP4" folder (include 3 video files) to PC's "My Video" folder.
5. Smart Phone power off, then, remove Micro SD Card.
6. Micro SD Card attach to PC.
7. Copy "PIB11_1h53m20s_MP4" folder to Micro SD Card's "DCIM" folder.
8. PC power off, then, remove Micro SD Card from PC.
9. Micro SD Card attach to Smart Phone, then, Smart Phone power on.
10. Watch this video on sideways Smart Phone.

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